About Us

Verefix is an app/ website-based lead generation service. Verfix was founded in 2019 by Richard Herrera. Richard has been in the residential/ commercial construction industry for over 25 years. He has run his own plumbing and remodel construction company for 18 years. Having been in the construction and emergency service business for so long and not seeing any attempt to enhance the process, he knew it was time for a change. And knowing the way we communicate is changing and will continue to change in the future. Richard decided to create a system that is easy to use that will bring the right professional directly to the consumer in a timely fashion. That is how Verefix was founded.

Richard Herrera had a job for a customer that he has worked with for the past 6 years. He was always there for her rental property when she needed help. He always explained to her what needed to be done and found the best and lowest cost solution. (She is an out of State owner) She finally had done enough band aid work and needed a full repipe. (a big job) Richard provided her with an estimate and options for her to choose how she wanted to perform the work. After a few months she hired him to perform a portion of the work. We had his crew come before a holiday weekend and start this job. As some construction projects go, this did not start off well as the pipe broke off in the cement floor. Needless to say, more work needed to be performed and again just before a holiday weekend. So, Richard got on the phone a rallied more help. He got the job done and her renters were able to enjoy their holiday in their home. She was incredibly happy as always. Then the following Friday Richard received a call from his client, and she had an emergency situation, the handyman drove a nail through the pipe and the water was shut off to the house. Unfortunately, Richard was unable to get over there that night to help. He offered her first thing in the morning, she got upset and hung up. She hired someone else to fix it. A few days later Richard got a review online from his client, and to his dismay it was a horrific review. She was rude and nasty and called him unprofessional. This really upset Richard, to where he could not sleep. After a few sleepless nights he decided to try and figure out how to better help his clients in an emergency situation when he could not get to them right away. He thought about pooling together a couple smaller companies to help each other out. But that did not work out. Then he came up with emergency app that the lead would come directly to him. Then he could call around and find someone for them and he would be a hero again. That quickly ended as that was too much work on top of his current workload. Then the idea for Verefix was born. Verefix is a website/ APP where the consumer can input the immediate need and hit send. This info will be sent out to all current Verefix members who are with in a 5-mile radius of the consumer (all vendors are verified contractors/ professionals in good standing with the State). This allows the professionals to read the need and if they can fix help they call and schedule immediately. No more calling around trying to find the person for the job, the right person calls you.