Who are we:

We are the solution to your frustration! We will have trained professionals calling you about your need or emergency job. We provide you a direct link to trained, licensed, and when applicable insured and bonded companies and service technicians in various fields. We do not own, operate or employ or have any affiliation with any of the companies or service technicians in our members list, we are simply a portal to connect you with the right person for your job. When you give the details of what you need, only the people that can do exactly what you need done, will contact you to help.

What is the service?

Emergency situations are a pain in the neck. You call a company and leave a message hoping they will call right back. Then they call back and they cannot come out for a day or two even more. Or you call a company and they don’t do exactly what you need. Frustrated you call around several companies until you finally find someone. You don’t know anything about them and schedule out of panic.

How does it work?

We allow you to easily type in exactly what your emergency is. We send it out to several of our professional member’s. The members will read the job description you wrote. And if they can do the job they will accept, and the website will then show them your contact info. We will only provide your contact info to the first 3-comapnies or technicians who accept the job demands you wrote. Now you will have 3- trained professionals calling you wanting to help you with your needs or emergency job. You choose who you want to hire. If for some reason you do not choose one of the three you can re-submit once, and those 3 companies will not be alerted. So, you can get up to 3 more companies call you.

Why use our system?

We eliminate most of the stress emergencies can cause. We speed up the process in assisting you to find the right professional who can help fix your emergency quickly. Or if you simply just need to find the right person for your project with no rush. Not all fields require a license, bond or insurance, but rest assured our members are verified and where applicable have a License, bond and Insurance or have the required training necessary to assist your needs.